Never Stop Showing Up

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“Things are going to get in your way,
but whatever you do,
never stop showing up.”

– Chris Van Etten, U.S. Marine vet

Meet Chris

When you walk into the Jockey store at the outlets, on the back wall you’ll see a giant photo of a crouched man, in a pair of Jockey underwear, of course, getting ready to take off from the starting line. 

He is handsome, muscular, and looks very determined to win. He is oblivious to the fact that he is being watched; he is only focused on the race. I think that if the gun were to sound right now, he would beat everyone.

Showing Up

Sometimes when I’m in my studio, I feel like him.

I am oblivious to the fact that the clock is ticking and the day is moving on, because I am focused on my art, planning my day/week, writing my blog, taking pictures, mailing orders, or updating the website. 

But when I saw that quote, I just had to use it in a blog post. How powerful are those last four words – NEVER STOP SHOWING UP. Keep going. Through the bad times, the disappointing times, the mistakes. SHOW UP. 

The quote doesn’t promise all your problems will be solved, all your mistakes will be fixed, or you’ll have the perfect life. 

Just SHOW UP. You can do it. 

Winning the Race

By the way, Chris Van Etten, the Jockey model, is a double leg amputee. 

That said, I still think he will beat everyone and win the race! With his attitude, how can he lose?


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Patty Eskridge

Patty Eskridge

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  1. Melissa Wills on January 31, 2023 at 1:07 pm

    I love your writing! This quote is very perfect for you! Great blog post!!! ❤️