Take Charge of Your Destiny — Coronate Yourself With a Crown of Confidence

Tequila Limes | Mixed Media Collage by Patty Eskridge | @arteverydaystudio
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YOU are the primary person
who can change your life.” 

– Angel Chernoff

Are You Waiting for Permission?

Are you waiting for permission to call yourself an artist? A writer? A <fill in the blank>? Why??

If you had told me 45 years ago that I’d be an artist, I would have laughed and said, “Being an artist is a hobby, not a real job.” It’s not that I didn’t like art. On the contrary, I loved making art all through school and at summer camps.

It’s just that back in 1978 when I graduated from high school, art wasn’t something to consider as a career. At that time, I basically had 3 options to choose – become a nurse, a teacher, or a secretary. Since I hated the thought of bodily fluids, nursing was out, and being a secretary sounded too boring. So, I waited a year before going to college to become a teacher.

I Always Loved Making Art

As I got older, I took classes at my local hobby store and loved them. What began with paper cutting (scherenschnitte), basket weaving, and tin punching turned into needlepointing, sewing, counted cross stitch, and then to stained glass, rubber stamping, stenciling, collage, mixed media and abstract art.

When I had a spare bedroom, I turned it into a “craft room” and completed projects just like my idols of the time – Roben-Marie Smith, Donna Downey, and Dina Wakley. I studied their art and made my art just like theirs.

I loved making art, but never considered myself an artist. There was no one who said, “Hey, you’re pretty good at that. You should be an artist.” 

What Changed?

It was ME. When I gave myself permission to say, “I AM an artist and I work in my Art Studio,” that’s when I finally considered myself one.

So, what are YOU waiting for? What do you want to be? Don’t wait for permission from anyone. 

Take charge of your own destiny, and as Amy McNee @inspiredtowrite says, “Coronate yourself!!” Put that crown of confidence on your own head, and don’t let anyone knock it off! 

It’s that simple. 

Say it and own it, people. Say it and own it.

Make Some Art People!

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