Don’t Just Stand There

Nine Circles framed mixed media collage by Patty Eskridge @arteverydaystudio

“You can’t cross the sea merely by
standing and staring at the water.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

A Crystal Ball

What if we had a crystal ball that would reveal all future events to us, one day at a time? Would our lives be more exciting or more boring, happier or unhappier? 

If we knew we were going to get that new job, would we put as much effort and preparation into the interview? 

If we knew we would win that gold medal, would we still get that rush of adrenaline on our way down the hill? 

If we knew ahead of time that we would write that best seller, would we still have the same amount of pride when it happened? 

And on the other side of the coin, if that firefighter or police officer knew they would be giving their life to save you, would you want them to know? 

If the Eagles knew they would lose Super Bowl LVII, would they have even come out on the field? What would be the use anyway?

We Can’t Just Wait for Life

Don’t we need adversity to really appreciate relief? Don’t we need challenges to obtain our potential? Don’t we need weakness to develop strength? 

Would we choose to never feel pain and sorrow if we also would never feel love? 

No doubt, life can be uncomfortable, painful, and stressful; but it can also be passionate, compassionate, and beautiful. We can’t live life, just by waiting.

My feeling is don’t just stand there and stare at Life, go out and live it! Be persistent and intentional. 

Because when Life gives you fear and pain, Life will also give you happiness and elation. No crystal ball is necessary when we realize it’s all about our perspective.

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Patty Eskridge

Patty Eskridge