You Just Get Stronger

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Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

– Angel Chernoff

“What’s Everybody Else’s Excuse?”

If you happened to see the CBS Sunday Morning Show in August of 2020, then you were introduced to a 37- year-old man named Matt Stutson. 

At the time, Matt was one of the top ranked archers in the United States, and had several “Number One in the World” archery medals.

Oh, and yeah, he’s armless. Yes, you read that right – Matt Stutson is a world class archer who is armless.

“If I can take a bow that’s not modified for me, and I can compete against people that have arms, and beat them at their own sport, well then, what’s everybody else’s excuse?”

Hard vs. Challenge

How quick do we say something is easy or hard? 

Even when talking with children we say, “You can do it, that’s easy!” or “If that’s too hard, I’ll do it for you.” 

By saying that, we’re taking away their ability to struggle with a challenge. 

And if struggling leads to building problem solving skills, which in turn leads to making us stronger individuals, what are we actually teaching them by helping them to not struggle?

What if we didn’t say anything. 

What if we just watched to see how they solved the problem themselves? 

Nature Knows Best 

When a butterfly is hatching from its chrysalis, it’s tempting for us to want to try and help it.

We may think this poor, little creature is too frail, and hatching from the chrysalis is just too hard.

But Nature knows best and releases a chemical that’s pumped throughout the butterfly’s body and into its wings which helps the wings expand. This takes time that can’t be rushed.

By helping the butterfly, we are actually harming it; because without the struggle, it won’t survive.

Back to Matt

How easy would it have been for Matt to say, “Archery is too hard without arms. Why should I even try?”

I’m guessing that as a child Matt’s parents weren’t ones to say, “That’s too hard for you to do. We’ll do it for you,” or else he wouldn’t have ended up a champion.

Changing Your Mindset 

If struggling is what makes us stronger, what have you been thinking about doing, but were concerned it was just too hard? 

Remember – Life doesn’t get any easier.

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